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Life lessons learnt

Recently I was asked to name a hero. My first and honest reaction was to find the question unsettling and I was confusingly disturbed by this task.
You see, it strikes me that to hold a belief that a hero exists, is in itself a denial of an egalitarian status in the human race.

The consideration of the word ‘hero’ immediately brings the term of ‘ heroine’ to mind, as a derivative and one that is therefore devised as a secondary gesture to describe a female version of hero. This, marks a further insult to an equal…

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A throng of minuscule bright white stars
mark the ceiling
A temporary heavens roof
below which
you, finally, lay
Your body transporting to
A final resting place
Smothered in
white lilies and yellow roses
nestling in ferns
alongside your cap
resplendent with
the Jamaican flag
colors of sunshine

Where once a forehead of
glowing dark skin
had regularly claimed
pride of possession
your life-blood now
unexpectedly, turned
to grey

Rest easy
My only Papa
Peace be with you
Sleep through your journey
towards your destination

Thank you for giving us
the time from your life
An offering which ensured that
your children now…

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Winter 2021 is finally here. The chill of the day begins in the morning and
continues to seep deeper and deeper into aging bones culminating in a coolness that is difficult to budge by the diminishing sunlight.
Did we ever really feel a warmth in the year 2020?
This collective chill began with the onset of Covid 19 in February ,remained within us during spring when the dangers of the virus began to affect our lives and routines;rooted deeper and deeper as the world was shocked by murders and maiming and the interruption of stolen lives and loves-youth violence erupted and families…

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